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TNRGreene 06-24-2009 03:29 PM

Might be the leak
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I think I found it. Now how in the hell did it happen?
It looks as if something went through it while on the trailer maybe but how did it hold up for 2 good hooks.
Truck is going to hell, I guess factory stuff will only last so long :damnit

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6.0superduty 06-24-2009 05:20 PM

That is wierd. theres oil around the hole like it happened when the turbo let loose, but it hooked 5 or 6 times in GA and 2 times on Saturday? What are the cotton threads about too? I wonder if a piece was lodged inside and held it closed for a couple of hooks, and finally let go?

fordt 06-25-2009 11:09 AM

Looks to me like something hit it.

TruckGuy 10-19-2016 11:56 PM

that's a big hole. have you found out what caused it?

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