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johnmaxterns 10-20-2020 01:05 PM

10 All-Time-Best Diesel Pickup Trucks 2020
The 10 all-time-best diesel pickup trucks. Wow. Talk about opening Pandora's Box, a can of worms, and a potential firestorm of differing opinions, all in one topic. When it comes to categorizing anything as the "all-time best," some sort of disagreement happens within seconds of the declaration being made. That's just the way things work in our world, especially when all-things "diesel" is the subject.

As these things go, a unanimous sentiment about something like this (by uber-passionate Dodge Ram and Cummins engine fans) is: "Anything with a Cummins in it is better than any other truck on the road." While we appreciate the enthusiastic judgment at face value, and there are Cummins-powered rigs that we acknowledge in this rundown of the best diesel pickup trucks of all time, we need to stress that the best-truck-buck doesn't stop at only Dodge Ram (and after 2010, Ram) vehicles.

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