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Default Conquer Vietnam traffic

1. Current situation

Chaos is a word used to describe traffic in Vietnam, especially in big cities. If you are the first time to Vietnam, you will certainly be scared and dare not join the traffic even crossing the road.
Regarding infrastructure, Vietnam's road system is very complex and of poor quality, rugged roads even in the inner city. Imagine, sometimes you are riding a motorbike on the streets of Hanoi like surfing in a certain sea. During the rainy season, the streets are often flooded, making it difficult for road users. Moreover, if you go into the alleyways it will be difficult for you to find the right address that you want to go because it is like a matrix and it is difficult for you to find the way out.
But, more importantly, the consciousness of Vietnamese people in transportation is not good. Most people have not voluntarily obeyed traffic laws seriously. For example, in some intersections, there are still red lighters. Many people make motorcycles without a helmet. Crowding often happens, especially during rush hour.
Traffic in Vietnam is quite chaotic, to join the traffic here you need to know a few tips.

2. Tips on joining in traffic

- If you walk and want to cross the road, you should not wait for the car to stop because it will not stop to give way to you. You should choose a place with traffic lights and crosswalks for pedestrians or overtaking boys so that you can cross the road more safely.
- If you are confused and do not know what to do in that crowd, then do what the surrounding people are doing. Imitate them and go in groups so that you will not be stopped by the oncoming vehicles.
- Need careful observation and signalling before attempting to pass any vehicle.
- You should not go near large trucks, container trucks, trucks ... They are bulky and often go at high speeds so it will be very dangerous for you.
- Do not watch out for strange obstacles: water buffaloes, stones of different sizes, broken trucks, deep holes, people sitting on the road, bridges missing, girls wearing ao dai to ride mountains, sluggish farms, dog fights, impromptu soccer matches, loads of construction materials - and almost no lights on anything at night. Care should be taken when moving at night. Unexpected obstacles can be dangerous to you. It could be stones of different sizes, a broken car, construction materials piled up on the side of the road ... When going at night, the light will not be enough for you to observe.

- Avoid going out during rush hour (7 am to 9 a.m in the morning and 4.30 p.m to 6:30 p.m in the afternoon). This is the time when almost every route is congested so it will take you hours to get to your destination.
- Do not rely entirely on Google Maps for streets in Hanoi Old Quarter and Ho Chi Minh City. You will get lost or go one way. You should travel with local guides or your friends.
- When crossing the road, a car is not something you need to worry about but a motorbike. Some of them ride their motorbikes at high speed and an accident may occur.
- Even when you are on the sidewalk, be careful because motorbikes can walk behind you.
A few tips to share with you so you can safely join the traffic and enjoy your time in Vietnam. Be confident in traffic with a careful you will see everything can be solved, you can completely adapt to any situation.


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